Creative artworks of wax by simple tools, photo report   

Sweida, SANA_ Hiba Saray Eddin, through her own efforts and ambition, managed to employ her artistic sense and create artworks of wax .

Saray Eddin, a graduate of the Institute of Fine Arts, has worked hard to develop her work using internet to search new ways and methods and to promote her artworks through social networking pages, as she mentioned.

Simple tools used by Saray Eddin to perform her work in artistic forms, using raw wax, aromatics, pigments, colors and molds for candles, as well as natural materials such as lemon, rose and coffee, where raw wax is melted and placed in silicone molds to be easily removed after it is colored and chilled and cooled.

She participated in  “The Golan in Our Eyes” and the “Old Branch” exhibitions.

This kind of art is of a special artistic aesthetic value that attracts many, grants a sensation, an enjoyment of art and the smell of perfume, and reflects the feelings that touch our soul and fill it with warm feelings.


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