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Terrorist mortar attacks leave a civilian dead, others injured in Damascus and Qamishli

mortar 5

Damascus/Hasaka, SANA – A mortar attack on Saturday killed a civilian in Bab Touma neighborhood in Damascus. Terrorists positioned in the farms of Eastern Ghouta fired a mortar round that fell in a main street in the neighborhood, leaving a civilian dead, according to a source at Damascus Police Command. Three other civilians were injured …

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Al-Bassel Fair for Invention and Innovation opens tomorrow

al-Bassel Fair for Invention and Innovation

Damascus, SANA – The 7th edition of al-Bassel Fair for Invention and Innovation opens on Sunday. The fair, which will be held at the Patent Center in Barzeh area, will see the participation of 360 inventors, including patent owners and school students. Inventors from Egypt and Iraq will take part in the fair, which will …

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Syrian Culture Day in Warsaw documents crimes of terrorists in Syria


Warsaw, SANA-The Syrian Embassy in Warsaw held a cultural day at Lublin University that included a photo gallery, a documentary about crimes of terrorist organizations in Syria. Professor Marc Beatrice, Dean of the Political Sciences Faculty called for supporting the Syrian government which fights terrorism on behalf of the whole world, this terror... Read More »

Mufti Hassoun: Paris attacks should be an alarm of terror backfiring for Western countries

Mufti Hassoun-peace activists

Damascus/Tartous, SANA- Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun called on the Western countries to wake up from their lethargy and break their silence on the terrorist war waged on Syria. He was speaking during a meeting with  members of the International Peace Activists group delegation in Damascus on Saturday. The recent terrorist atta... Read More »

Turkish Opposition Parties slam AKP government policies towards Syria and Russia


Ankara, SANA- Turkish opposition parties lashed out the Turkish Justice and Development Party’s “AKP” government’s policies towards Syria and downing a Russian SU-24 fighter over Syria last Tuesday. The regime of Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan has turned Turkey into a state which exports terrorism to achieve his interests and ... Read More »

US-led coalition targets water pumping stations in Aleppo

water pumping stations

Aleppo, SANA – The US-led international coalition, allegedly fighting ISIS, targeted Thursday water pumping stations in al-Khafseh area, east of Aleppo, causing them to go out of service. A source at Aleppo Governorate told SANA reporter that Aleppo Water Establishment will immediately start the necessary maintenance measures to fix the damag... Read More »