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Economic meeting chaired by Prime Ministers calls for taking measures to address defaulted loans


Damascus, SANA – An economic meeting was held on Monday, chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, which called on public-sector banks to take direct, forceful, and clear steps to address the issue of defaulted loans and restoring development loans. The participants in the meeting said that financial and monetary reform must begin by addressing any ..... Read More »

Russian doctor killed, two injured in terrorist rocket attack in Aleppo


Aleppo/Moscow, SANA – The Russian Defense Ministry stated on Monday that a Russian military doctor was killed and two others were injured by rocket shell fired by terrorists on a Russian mobile hospital in al-Furqan neighborhood in Aleppo. The Ministry said that the blood of the Russian doctors is on the hands of the terrorists’ …

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Lavrov: Russian-American experts start talks on Aleppo in Geneva soon


Moscow, SANA- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced that the Russian and American experts will start work in Geneva soon to complete the formation of an agreement for a total gunmen withdrawal from Aleppo. Russia Today website on Monday quoted Lavrov as saying, following talks with Philippine Foreign Affairs Minister, that the agreement ... Read More »

Legal status of 405 persons from Damascus Countryside settled


Damascus Countryside, SANA – Some 405 persons from Damascus Countryside had their legal status settled according to the recently issued Amnesty Decree no. 15 for 2016. SANA reporter said that the 405 persons, including 120 gunmen, who are from al-Tibeh, al-Keswa and al-Meqlaibeh towns in Damascus countryside, had earlier turned themselves in to the... Read More »

Mrs. Asma al-Assad: Noble sacrifices of wounded soldiers won’t be rewarded except by shouldering responsibilities towards them


Damascus, SANA – Under the patronage of Mrs. Asma al-Assad, the Syrian Organization for the Disabled (AAMAL) held a festivity marking the International Day of Persons with Disabilities during which it announced its new name to become the “Syrian Organization for Persons with Disabilities” (AAMAL). The festivity, held at the organization... Read More »

Health Ministry: Syria maintains low HIV (AIDS) rates, provides free treatment


Damascus, SANA – Assistant Health Minister Ahmad Khlifawi said that Syria is still among countries with low prevalence of Human immune-deficiency virus (HIV) epidemic, adding that “since 1987, a total of 863 HIV infection cases were registered of which 535 were Syrians.” Khlifawi was speaking at the central symposium entitled “Dig... Read More »