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June, 2021

  • 14 June

    Qamar al-Din , a unique Syrian product with high nutritional and medical value

  • 12 June

    First Syrian-made ship “ Farah Star” floated in Banias port, Tartous

  • 7 June

    Mrs. Asma al-Assad visits Center for transplanting blood stem cells and the Cell therapy for children

  • 7 June

    With participation of civil and governmental activities… an eco-marathon held in Lattakia

  • 6 June

    Various Russian cultural activities at Mustafa Ali Gallery

  • 4 June

    Mass gathering at al-Basel stadium in Lattakia in celebration of Dr. Bashar al-Assad winning post of the president


  • 1 June

    Festival at Tishreen Sport City on the winning of Dr. Bashar al-Assad in presidential election

May, 2021

  • 31 May

    Candlelight rally by university students in Tartous to celebrate winning of Dr. Bashar al-Assad in presidential election


  • 30 May

    (Hope with work) … Exhibition by plastic artists, art teachers at Contemporary Art Gallery


  • 29 May

    President al-Assad to Syrian people: What you have done was an unprecedented challenge phenomenon against enemies of Homeland