Historic friendship ties binding Syria, India strengthen coordination in various fields

Damascus, SANA_ India celebrates the 70th anniversary of Independence Day on January 26, with great achievements in the areas of economic development, research and development, especially in the fields of technology and communication.

The historic friendship relations binding Syria and India have  strengthened their coordination and cooperation in various fields, especially in the international forums.

That was reflected in India’s support for and standing by Syria in its war against terrorism  and its rejection of foreign intervention in Syria’ internal affairs in addition to India’s  emphasis on the political solution to the crisis in Syria.

The distinguished relations have been crowned by the exchange of delegations’ visits at various official and economic levels and the signature of several agreements in various domains.

India participated in the 59th and 60th editions of Damascus International Fair and continued to implement vocational training programs inked between the two countries.

It also provided medicines and foodstuffs and voiced a clear desire to contribute to the reconstruction, especially with regard to the rehabilitation of cadres.

India followed, over the past years, internal policies through which it consolidated the basis of its national sovereignty.

India continued to practice the method of positive neutrality and non-alignment and followed a strategic approach that entitles it to occupy an important position on the international scene.



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