30 creative artworks showcased at “Sculpture 1” exhibition

Damascus, SANA – “Sculpture 1” exhibition, currently held at Qozah Art Gallery in Damascus, comprises 30 artworks by 10 Syrian sculptors of different generations which explore philosophical and existentialist themes using different methods and materials.

The exhibition chronicles the evolution of sculpture art in Syria in an aesthetic and visual dialogue.

Sculptor, Wael Dahhan, has deftly combined ceramic and metal to create female portrait sculptures. The 3 art works depict women in pain, sadness and meditation postures.

In his 3 bronze sculptures, Sculptor Issa Qazah, presented his idea about the building of human from the inside out. The theme was stemmed from the repercussions of war on Syria and its impacts on human and society as a whole.

Other exhibits included works by sculptors Waddah Salama, Ruba Kanj, Mustafa Ali, Kinana al-Kood, Hussein Deeb, Misan Salman and Yamen Yousef.

R. Raslan/ Ghossoun

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