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Prime Minister’s Office

Prime Minister
Imad Mohammad Deeb Khamis


– Born in Damascus Countryside, 1/8/1961.

– Graduated from Damascus University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, in 1984. Received Master’s Degree in energy from Damascus University.

-Director General of the General Company of Electricity, Damascus Countryside branch (2005-2008).

– Director General of the General Establishment for Electricity Transmission and Investment, (2008-2011).

-Minister of Electricity (2011-2016).

– Married with 3 children.

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces
Minister of Defense

General Ali Abdullah Ayoub

General Ali Abdullah Ayoub was born in Lattakia in 1952.

He Joined the Military Academy on 1/11/1971 (Armored Corps) and became major general on 1/1/2012.

Ayoub occupied several positions in military leadership , the latest of which was Chief of the General Staff of the Army and Armed Forces since 21/7/2012.

Married with three sons.


Deputy Prime Minister

Foreign and Expatriates Minister

Walid al-Moallem

-Born in Damascus in 1941.

-Studied at official schools between 1948 and 1960 and got the high school certificate.

-Studied at Cairo University and graduated in 1963 with Bachelor’s Degree in Economy.

-Joined the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry in 1964 and served at the diplomatic missions in Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Spain and England.

-Ambassador to Romania (1975-1980).

– Director of the Documentation and Translation Directorate at the Foreign Ministry (1980-1984).

-Director of Special Offices Directorate (1984-1990).

-Ambassador to the United States of America (1990-1999).

-Assistant Foreign Minister in 2000.

-Deputy Foreign Minister on 9/1/2005.

-Participated in the Syrian-Israeli peace talks (1991-1999).

-Foreign Minister since 2006.

-Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister in 2012.

-Married with three children.

Minister of Religious Endowments

Mohammad Abdelsattar al-Sayyed

-Born in Tartous, 1958.

-Graduated from Damascus University, Faculty of Economy and Trade.

-Holds a PhD in Islamic Studies from Damascus University.

-Director of Religious Endowments Department in Tartous and Mufti of Tartous (1985-2002).

-Assistant Minister of Religious Endowments for Religious Affairs (2002-2011).

-Minister of Religious Endowments since 2011.

-Participated in many Islamic conferences.

-Married with three children.


Presidential Affairs Minister

Mansour Fadlallah Azzam


-Born in Sweida, 1960.

-Graduated from Damascus University, Faculty of French Literature, 1983.

-Earned a diploma in International Relations from the Institute of Public Administration, Paris.

-Held a diplomatic position at the Foreign Ministry in 1994.

-Worked at the Syrian Embassy in Washington as US Congress affairs and Cultural Affairs officer (1995-2000).

-Occupied the post of General Secretary of Presidency in 2008.

-Minister of Presidential Affairs in the three previous governments.

-Married with three daughters.

Interior Minister Lt. Gen.

Mohammad Ibrahim al-Shaar

-Born in Lattakia, 1950.

-Held a number of security positions, and was Interior Minister in the three previous governments.

-Married with 5 children.


      Education Minister

      Hazwan al-Waz

-Born in Damascus, 1962.

-Holds a PhD in Philosophy of Technical Studies.

-Director of Vocational and Technical Education at the Education Ministry in 2000.

-Director of Damascus Education Department in 2004.

-Chief of the Engineers Union, Damascus Branch, Member of the Advisory Committee of European Training Institution for Mediterranean countries, Member of the Arab Writers Union in Damascus.

-Minister of Education in the previous two governments.

-Married with 3 children.

Minister of Justice

Hisham Mohammad Mamdouh al-Shaar

-Born in Damascus in 1958.

-Holds a law degree from the University of Damascus (1980).

-Appointed a judge in 1981.

-Occupied several positions, including Chairman of the Council of the State, Chairman of the Higher Judicial Committee for Elections, Vice-President of the Court of Cassation and Chairman of the First Criminal Chamber at the Court of Cassation.

Public Works and Housing Minister

Hussein Arnous

-Born in Idleb, 1953.

-Graduated from the University of Aleppo, Faculty of Civil Engineering, 1978.

-Head of Idleb branch of the Engineers Union (1989-1994).

-Director of the General Company for Roads (1992-2002).

-Assistant Minister of Transportation (2002-2004).

-Director General of the Public Establishment for Road Transportation (2004-2009).

-Governor of Deir Ezzor (2009-2011).

-Governor of Quneitra, 2011.

-Minister of Public Works since 2013.

Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform

Ahmad al-Qadiri

-Born in Hasaka, 1956.

-Earned a bachelor’s degree in agricultural sciences in 1981, and a diploma in Crop Cultivation in 1992.

-Head of the Scientific Agricultural Research Center in Qamishli (1986-2000).

-Director of Hasaka Agriculture Directorate (2000-2007).

-Director of the Modern Irrigation Project (2007-2011).

-Assistant Minister of Agriculture in 2011.

-Minister of Agriculture since 2013.

Tourism Minister

Bishr Riyad al-Yazigi

-Born in Aleppo, 1972.

-Graduated from Aleppo University, Faculty of Informatics Engineering, 1995.

-Member of the People’s Assembly.

-Minister of Tourism since 2013.

-Married with three children.


Minister of Administrative Development

Salam Mohammad al-Saffaf

-Born in 1979.

-Holds a PhD in political sciences from Toulouse 1 University Capitole in France (2010), a Master’s degree in international relations from the Faculty of Economy of the University of Damascus and a Professional, Master’s degree in public administration from the National Institute of Public Administration. She served as Assistant Minister of Administrative Development.

-Supervised organizational structures and statutes of a number of ministries.


Health Minister

Nizar Wehbe Yazigi

-Born in Damascus, 1961.

-Graduated from Damascus University, Faculty of Medicine.

-Worked as Assistant Director of al-Zahrawi Hospital General Administration since 2004.

-Health Minister in the previous government.

-Married with two children.


Social Affairs Minister

Rima al-Qadiri

-Born in Damascus in 1963.

-Graduated from French Literature Department at Damascus University in 1986.

-Occupied a number of posts in private sector institutions in addition to the Syrian Commercial bank, Ministry of Economy, and Foreign Trade.

-Assistant head of the International Planning and Cooperation Commission in 2009 and a head of the commission in 2014.

-Social Affairs Minister since 2015.


Minister of Industry


Minister Mohamed Mazen Ali Yousef was born in Damascus countryside, 1969.

He graduated from Damascus University in 1991, Faculty of Economy, accounting Department.

Married with three daughters.


Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade

Mohammad Samer Abdelrahman al-Khalil

-Assistant Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade since 2015.

-Director General of the the General Establishment for Exhibitions and International Markets.

-Was member of the teaching staff at the University of Damascus.


Higher Education

Minister Atef Naddaf

-Born in Damascus Countryside, 1956.

-Earned a PhD in dentistry from Kiev Medical University in Ukraine.

-Held the posts of Under Secretary for Administrative Affairs at Dentistry Faculty, Damascus University, and head of the orthognathic surgery department at Dentistry Faculty, Damascus University.

-Idleb Governor (2005-2009), Tartous Governor (2005-2009), Sweida Governor (2009).

-Elected as People’s Assembly member.

-Married with three children.

Local Administration Minister

Hussein Makhlouf

-Born in Lattakia, 1964.

-Earned a degree in civil engineering from Tishreen University in 1987.

-Occupied several posts at the Coast Company for Construction and Building and the General Establishment of Construction and Building, and chaired a project for expanding Lattakia port.

-Director of Water Resources Department (2006-2011), chairing joint committees with Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey on water affairs.

-Damascus Countryside Governor since 2011.

-Married with four children.

Communications and Technology Minister

Ali al-Zafir

-Born in Tartous, 1962.

-Earned a Master’s degree in communications engineering from Soviet Union in 1988, and a PhD in communications engineering from Odessa National Polytechnic University in 1993.

-Department head at Tartous Communications Department (1996-2000).

-Technical director of the cellular project in Syria (2000-2004).

-Technical director of the third provincial communications project in Syria (2004-2006).

-Director General of the General Establishment of Wireless Communications Services (2006-2014).

-Head of the executive team of the e-government project since 2016.

-Assistant Communications and Technology Minister since 2013.

-Married with four children.


Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister

Ali Ghanem

-Born in Damascus, 1963.

-Has a degree in electrical power engineering from Damascus University.

-Occupied several posts at the Syrian Company for Fuel Distribution, including Director General since 2014.

-Married with two children.



Information Minister

Minister of Information, Imad Abdullah Sara was born in Damascus, 1968.

Holds diploma in information from Damascus University.

Member in the Syrian Journalists’ Union since 1992,

Lecturer at the Faculty of Information.

News director of al-Dounia TV between 2008 and 2012.

He became Director of al-Ikhbariya TV in 2012.

General Director of the General Establishment Radio &Television since 2016.

Married with three sons.



Culture Minister

Mohammad al-Ahmad

-Born in Lattakia, 1961.

-Earned a degree in English literature in 1983, and a diploma in teaching English from Britain in 1985.

-Was a professor of English at the Scientific Studies and Research Center (1986-1988).

-Director of Planning and Studies at the National Film Organization (1990-1991).

-Director of National Film Organization since 2000.

-Was Chairman of Damascus International Cinema Festival. He produced and presented several TV programs on cinema and movies.

-Married with a single child.

Transport Minister

Ali Hamoud

-Born in Tartous, 1964.

-Holds a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Damascus University, 1987.

-Head of branches of the General Establishment for Roads in Homs and Idleb and General Establishment for Road Transportation in Homs and Tartous between 1995 and 2014.

-Director General of the General Establishment for Road Transportation since 2014.

-Married with three children.

Electricity Minister

Mohammad Zuhair Kharboutli

-Born in Damascus.

-Earned a degree in electrical engineering from Damascus University, 1990.

-Degree in time management from Higher Institute for Business Administration (HIBA).

-Held several posts at electric power departments, and was Director General of Damascus Countryside Electricity General Company since 2008.

-Married with four children.

Finance Minister

Maamoun Hamdan

-Born in Damascus, 1958.

-Earned a bachelor’s degree and diploma in accounting in from Damascus University in 1977.

-Holds a Master’s degree and PhD from Germany in 1989.

-Was a faculty Member at accounting department at Economy Faculty, Damascus University since 1989.

-Director of Technical Institute for Accounting and Finance (2005-2008).

-Member of the board of commissioners of the Syrian Securities Agency (2009-2011).

-Member of Accounting and Auditing Council, board member at the Taxes and Fees Administration Agency, and Executive Director of Damascus Securities Exchange since 2011.

-Married with three children.

Water Resources Minister

Nabil al-Hasan

-Born in Aleppo, 1963.

-Graduated from Civil Engineering Faculty at Aleppo University, 1986.

-Taught at Aleppo University between 1986 and 1994.

-Director of Aleppo Metals Department (1994-2003).

-Director of Aleppo branch of General Establishment for Foreign Trade (2003-2008).

-Director of Aleppo Water Establishment (2008-2011).

-Advisor to the Housing and Construction Minister (2011-2013).

-Advisor to the Housing and Urban Development Minister since 2014.

-Eelected as member of the executive office of Aleppo city Council (2003-2005).

-Deputy chairman of Aleppo City Council (2003-2006).

-Married with three children.

Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection

Abdullah al-Gharbi

-Born in Damascus, 1962.

-Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in IT Engineering and a PhD in Administration from France.

-Was a director of special studies center, having carried out more than 50 economic studies on the situation in the Syrian provinces and the situation of electricity, water and strategic crops.

-Member of the Administrative Office of the National Union of Syrian Students in France.

-Participated in several training courses in France, Spain and Germany on food security in the third world, crisis management and future vision on world trade.

State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs

Ali Haidar

-Born in Hama, 1962.

-He is an ophthalmologist, specialized in eye surgery and diseases, graduated from Damascus University in 1994.

-Occupied the post of Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs in the previous government.

-Married with two children.



State Minister

Abdullah Abdullah

-Born in 1956.

-Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Damascus University.

-Member of the people’s Assembly (2003-2007) and (2012-2016).



State Minister

Salwa Abdullah

-Born in Quneitra, 1953.

-Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1979, and specialized in obstetrics in 1984, PhD in gynecology.



State Minister

Rafe’ Abu Saad

-Born in Habran village in Sweida province, 1954.

-Graduated from Agricultural Engineering Faculty at Damascus University in 1978.

-Occupied several posts in trade unions.

-Married with four children.



State Minister

Wafiqa Hosni

-Born in Damascus, 1952.

-She has a university degree in agricultural engineering, 1976, and a diploma in foreign trade planning.

-Occupied several posts including director of census and planning office at Damascus Countryside Agriculture Department and assistant director of agricultural policies center at the Agriculture Ministry.

-Married with two children.