Mikdad stresses Syria’s keenness to ensure the safety of UN agencies and personnel on its territory

Damascus, SANA- Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Fayssal Mikdad, affirmed Syria’s keenness to ensure the security and safety of UN agencies and personnel operating in the country.

Mikdad made his remarks during a meeting with the United Nations Under Secretary General for Safety and Security, Peter Thomas Drennan, and the accompanying delegation on Wednesday.

Mikdad stressed that Syria’s efforts to ensure the safety of UN agencies and staff are mainly based on its commitment to fulfill its obligations as a UN member state as well as its moral responsibility to protect all individuals on the Syrian territory, whether they are Syrians or foreigners, not to mention the principle of sovereignty, which constitutes the main factor that make defending the Syrian citizens and liberating the territory from terrorism “irrevocable objective”.

For his part, Drennan highly appreciated the Syrian government’s efforts to guarantee the security and safety of the UN personnel operating in Syria, highlighting the need for continued cooperation to address issues of common concern.

Shaza/ Rasha Raslan

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