Syria’s Grand Mufti underlines role of youth in spreading culture of amity

Damascus, SANA-Grand Mufti of the Republic Dr. Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun called on the youth to be the “generation in whose hands the civilization of the nation can be entrusted.”

The mufti was speaking during a national training course organized by Damascus branch of the Revolution Youth Union.

Hassoun underlined the role of the youth in disseminating a message of love, tolerance and ethical values in society.

“Syria is the mother who finds it in her heart to forgive her sons and paves their way for repentance to become good sons who defend their homeland and nation,” he added.

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He pointed out that Syria is being targeted because it is “the country of resistance, history and civilization” that enemies ganged up against to undermine by recruiting villains to wreak havoc and destruction.

The Syrian people have astounded the whole world, demonstrating that they deserve to live in dignity, the mufti affirmed.

M. Ismael

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