Assistant Foreign Minister, Grand Mufti meet delegation of Syrian expatriates in Kuwait

Damascus, SANA- Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister Ayman Sosan met on Tuesday a delegation of Syrian expatriates in Kuwait, briefing the delegation on the latest political and local developments.

Sosan affirmed the determination of Syrian people and army to continue combating terrorism until the last inch of Syrian territory is clear of terrorism, and to preserve the unity of the Syrian land and people and the independence of its national decision, adding that the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army, mainly in Aleppo, are signs of impending victory.

For their part, members of the delegation expressed their pride of the legendary steadfastness of the Syrian people and the heroics of the Syrian Arab Army, affirming their support for their country and that they will provide everything they can to strengthen the resilience of their homeland and to contribute to achieving victory over terrorism, as well as contributing to the reconstruction process.

In the same context, Grand Mufti of the Republic Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun met the same delegation, and during the meeting he stressed on the important role of expatriates in contributing to the efforts exerted to repair the damage caused by the terrorist war on Syria.


Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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