Greek delegation: Western media inolved in disinformation on Syria

Damascus, SANA – Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham met on Saturday Greek Parliament member Ioannis Sachinidis, who is member of the Golden Dawn Party, and the accompanying delegation.

The Greek delegation’s visit aims at getting to know the real picture of what is happening in Syria to convey it to the Parliament and media back in Greece, said Sachinidis.

He noted that his tour in Old Damascus yesterday, where he saw life unfolds quite normally, gave him proof that the Western media has contributed a lot to distortion of facts and disinformation on Syria.

Sachinidis said it is important that Syria and Greece have a joint plan to face the common threat of terrorism, which has been spreading all the way into Europe.

Al-Laham reminded of Syria’s repeated warning, since the very beginning of the regionally and internationally fuelled terror war waged on it, of the dangerous cross -border movement of terrorism.

Al-Laham used the opportunity of the meeting to call on the European parliaments to exercise pressure on their governments to take a firm stand against the Turkish regime that stands as the main facilitator of this cross-border movement of terrorists into Syria and beyond to Europe.

The European states, he said, also need to change their policies and stop providing cover and support to the armed terrorist organizations that is being done under false pretensions.

Continuing this support constitutes a blatant violation of all the international laws and conventions, he added.

Sachinidis agreed that the parties, individuals and countries involved in supporting terrorism in Syria must be clearly identified and that financing terrorism must be stopped.

H. Said

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