Prime Minister, Parliament Speaker meet leader of Mauritanian Ravah Party

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi affirmed on Tuesday that the national and pan-Arab parties have a big role in mobilizing forces to confront hostile projects and the Takfiri mentality which aim at wreaking havoc and spreading chaos in the Arab region.

During a meeting with leader of the Mauritanian Ravah (Welfare) Party Mohamed Ould Vall, al-Halaqi stressed the dire need for Arab solidarity to address the nation’s issues, safeguard its unity, and help achieve comprehensive development that meets the aspirations of the Arab generations.

Premier al-Halaqi pointed out to the fraternal relations between the two countries and the need to promote them to involve political, economic, and development fields, hailing the honorable positions of Ravah Party towards Syria.

Al-Halaqi voiced confidence that Syria will triumph due to the steadfastness of the state’s establishments, the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army, and the support of Syria’s friends.

In turn, Ould Vall stressed that the Mauritanian people stand alongside the Syrian people who are combating terrorism on behalf of the Arabs and the world, adding that Syria will remain the beating heart of Arabism.

He also expressed admiration of the steadfastness of Syrian people and Syria’s national establishments, hailing the efforts of the Syrian government to alleviate the effects of the unjust economic blockade imposed on Syria.

Speaker al-Laham-Mauritanian Ravah Party

In a similar meeting with Ould Vall, Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham stressed the role of Arab parties and movements in increasing the nationalist pan-Arab awareness in a way that serves the central Arab cause and positively reflects on the inter-Arab relations.

Al-Laham expressed appreciation of the pan-Arab political parties and currents which believe that the Arab people have an identical future and destiny and believe in the right of nations to be sovereign and independent.

He hailed the stance of the Mauritanian people in standing by their fellow Arab people of Syria, calling for concerting efforts in the face of the fierce western terrorist attack that is getting more intense against the Arab countries.

For his part, Ould Vall stressed the Mauritanian people’s support for the people, army and leadership in Syria in the face of their war against the terrorist organizations despite all the foreign pressure, pointing out that some media outlets have played a misleading role in distorting facts in an attempt to undermine Syria as part of the major scheme of dismembering the whole region.

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