Updated-FSB: Moscow will only strengthen fight against terrorism after force reduction in Syria

Moscow, SANA – Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) affirmed on Tuesday that Moscow will only strengthen the fight against terrorism after withdrawing the main part of the aviation task force from Syria.

“We will not weaken, but instead strengthen this fight. We will continue fighting terrorism by ourselves and together with our partners. We will strengthen this fight together with our partners,” Russia Today website quoted Alexander Bortnikov, the FSB head, as saying.

He added that Russia will commit to its aims in this fight until the end. “Terrorism is the main problem that worries not only us but also the whole international community. We will remain true to the goals that we set,” he noted.

In a relevant context, Kremlin chief of staff Sergei Ivanov said Russia will step up the fight against terrorism, pointing out that this mission no more needs such a contingent that used to be in Syria.

“We will leave [in Syria] a full safe protection of the remaining contingent, its smaller part – protection from the air, the sea and the ground,” Ivanov told reporters responding to a question if Russia will leave its S-400 air defense systems in Syria.

Russian Defense Ministry: Air Force will continue striking terrorist sites in Syria

In a relevant context, Russian Defense Ministry affirmed that the Russian Air Force will continue striking the sites of terrorist organizations in Syria despite of the agreement to reduce Russian air force contingent in the country.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov said during a ceremony at Hmeimin air base in Lattakia today that the task of the Russian warplanes which will remain in Syria is to continue launching strikes on terrorist targets.

Pankov said the Russian forces have achieved certain positive results, but it is too early to talk about defeating terrorism.

He added that the combat efforts of the Russian pilots and members of the Russian reinforcement units have allowed thwarting the plans of the terrorist organizations and torpedoing their economic infrastructure.

The Russian airstrike, he went on saying, allowed the Syrian army to restore stability and security to more than 200 villages and towns.

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