Russian defense Ministry : 13 breaches observed by US coalition in Syria over the past 24 hours

Moscow, SANA-Russian Defense Ministry announced that 19 breaches by the US-led coalition’s fighter jets seriously violated Syrian airspaces 19 times during the past 24 hours.

Deputy commander of the Russian Coordination Center, Rear admiral Vadim Collet said in a press statement that fighter jets and drones belonging to the alleged coalition, led by the US violated Syrian airspace in al-Tanf region on the Syrian-Jordanian border 19 times during the past 24 hours.

“Four pairs of F-35 fighter jets, two pairs of F-16 aircrafts, two pairs of Rafale fighter jets, in addition to three MQ-1C multi-role unmanned aerial vehicles violated Syrian airspace in al-Tanf region, through which international air routes pass”, the statement added.

Nisreen Othman / Mazen Eyon

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