Russia and the Islamic World Conference opens with Syria’s participation

Moscow, SANA – “Russia and the Islamic World Conference” kicked off in the Russian capital Moscow on Thursday with the participation of Grand Mufti Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun.

Many muftis and religious figures and experts from various Islamic countries are taking part in the conference.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov opened the meeting of the Russia-Islamic World Strategic Vision Group, which resumed work after a 6-year halt, saying Russia is willing to coordinate with the Islamic countries in fighting terrorism and settling disputes through peaceful means.

Addressing the meeting on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Lavrov said Russia considers the Islamic countries as “strategic partners” in the dialogue of cultures.

Lavrov expressed Putin’s and his own concern over the rising tensions in the world in the first place and in the Middle East region in particular where terrorists have intensified their activities and are spreading over large swathes of territory, warning of the seriousness of sectarian conflicts.

He cited the crises in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen as posing a major challenge to international security and stability.

He expressed hope that the Islamic world would support Moscow’s initiative for conducting a comprehensive analysis in the framework of the Security Council of the risks posed to the Middle East, including the Arab-Israeli conflict, without double standards.

Earlier on Wednesday, Grand Mufti Hassoun called during a press conference held in Moscow for unified efforts to stand up to the international terrorism that has become a threat to everyone, warning that the West is using media and exploiting some religion forums to distort and falsify facts.

The Russia-Islamic World Strategic Vision Group was launched in 2006 after Russia was granted observer status in the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

Qabas/ H. Said

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