US Senator Black meets Grand Mufti, visits a displaced people center

Damascus, SANA – U.S. Senator for the State of Virginia Richard “Dick” Black met Grand Mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic Ahmad Badr Eddin Hassoun on Tuesday.

Syria is doing a great thing fighting terrorism because, should terrorists succeed, there would be grave repercussions on the security and stability of the world, said the Senator.

US Senator Richard Black

Mufti Hassoun, for his part, stressed to Black that the Syrian people are committed to national unity and are determined to continue fighting the terrorists.

The Senator later made a visit to a makeshift center hosting displaced people in Sumaiyeh al-Makhzoumi school in Mezzeh neighborhood where he was received by Minister of Social Affairs Rima al-Qadiri and Deputy Governor of Damascus Ahmad Nabulsi.

Black inspected the living conditions of the displaced families and the health and medical services provided by those in charge, and had the chance to talk to some people staying there and listened to their stories of suffering due to the terrorists’ crimes.

R. Raslan/H. Said

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