Cabinet follows up on preventative measures against Coronavirus

Damascus, SANA – As part of the preventative measures against Coronavirus, The Cabinet decided to suspend traveling to and from Iraq and Jordan for one month, and for two months for the states in which a state of epidemic is declared, in addition to implementing preemptive quarantine procedures for 14 days for the arrivals from these countries.

During its weekly session headed by Premier Imad Khamis on Sunday, the Cabinet commissioned the Information and Health Ministries to formulate a comprehensive media plan for raising awareness about protection against this virus, in addition to commissioning the Education and Higher Education Ministries to enhance preventative measures at schools and universities.

The cabinet stressed that all the relevant state establishments must adhere strictly to the Health Ministry’s plan to verify the health conditions of arrivals and follow up on them, and it instructed the Health and Transportation Ministries to coordinate in conducting tests for crews of transit trucks and commercial transport vessels.

The Cabinet reviewed the development plan for Quneitara province, and carried out evaluations of the car assembly plants in terms of their production volume and their feasibility in contributing to the national economy.

It also discussed a draft law related to the intangible cultural heritage to preserve Syria’s cultural heritage and its diversity.

Baraa Ali / Hazem Sabbagh

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