Two sisters create beautiful objects by recycling old stuff to produce amazing items

Sweida, SANA – Fascinatingly simple ideas made into beautiful objects. This is the case for Noura and Loubna al-Ghadban who launched their small-scale handicraft enterprise. They succeeded to turn raw materials such as wool, beads, wood and colors into exquisite handcrafted products utilizing simple ideas and tools, a needle and thread.

“Details” is the name of  the shop, located in the center of Sweida city,  where the two sisters showcase their goods which include small bags, bracelets made of wool and recycled fabrics, oriental crafts, accessories and engraved wood gifts.

“It takes us more than one year to initiate our enterprise. It mainly depends on old stuff recycling to produce amazing items that meet the market’s needs and satisfy the customers,” the two sisters told SANA reporter.

The exhibits reflect the talent, accuracy and the aesthetic taste that Noura and Loubna have as well as their determination and unremitting efforts to further improve and expand their project.

R. Raslan/Gh.A.Hassoun

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