Update-Harasta city free of terrorism as second batch of militants and their families leave it for Idleb

Damascus, SANA- Harasta city was announced to be free of all terrorism on Friday night after the exit of the second batch of militants who reject reconciliation and their families to Idleb.

SANA’s correspondent in Eastern Ghouta said the agreement for the exit of armed groups from Harasta has been finalized after the second batch of buses transporting militants and their families left the city and headed to Idleb province, adding that the militants handed over their heavy weapons before leaving.

The correspondent said the second batch of militants and their families were evacuated via 59 buses carrying 3,034 people including 1,212 men, 1,072 of them being militants, while the first batch that were transported via 30 buses on Thursday consisted of 1,580 people including 619 men, 413 of them militants.

The exit of the second batch of militants and their families began on Friday morning under the supervision of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, with militants burning their bases in the city before leaving to cover up their involvement with foreign sides.

The correspondent added that the submission of the terrorists and their acceptance to get out of Harasta City came after the great and successive victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in its operations which it started in middle of the last month to liberate Eastern Ghouta as it has been able to cut the supply routes of the terrorist organizations between Harasta and other neighboring cities and towns in Ghouta.

The correspondent indicated that the army engineering units will enter Harasta City on Saturday to comb it and to clear it from mines, car bombs and explosive devices planted by terrorists at the houses, main streets, service institutions, tunnels and trenches which they had been using for transportation whether inside the city or between the villages and towns of the Ghouta.

Service workshops will later enter Harasta City after combing it to start to rehabilitate what has been destroyed by the terrorist groups to pave the way for the return of all the state institutions to the city.

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