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October, 2015

  • 26 October

    Syrian students in Spain thank Russia for its support in combating terrorism

    Barcelona, SANA- The Syrian Students National Union “NUSS”-Spain Branch on Sunday organized a stand outside the Russian Consulate in Barcelona City in appreciation of Russia’s stances in support of Syria …

  • 22 October

    Premier al-Halaqi, Information Minister meet delegation of Syrian community in Russia

    Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi highlighted on Thursday the important role of the Syrian expatriates in rebuilding Syria side by side with their fellow citizens at home. During …

  • 20 October

    Syrian expatriates organize a campaign to support the Syrian pound

    Damascus, SANA – A delegation of the Syrian community in Russia organized on Tuesday a campaign to support the Syrian pound-referred to as the (SYP)-at the Central Bank of Syria …

  • 18 October

    Syrian students and expatriates abroad thank Russia for its support against terrorism

    Capitals, SANA – Branches of the National Union of Syrian Students in several Arab and foreign countries staged on Sunday events outside the Russian embassies and consulates expressing appreciation for Russia’s …

  • 16 October

    Syrian community in Cyprus stresses appreciation for Russia’s stances

    Nicosia, SANA – Members of the Syrian community and the Syrian National Union for Syrian Students in Cyprus organized a march to the Russian Embassy in Nicosia on Friday to …

  • 12 October

    Syrians abroad express gratitude for Russia’s backing Syria in fighting terrorism

    Budapest, SANA- Hungarian Youth Association, the “Forum for Syria” and the Syrian community in Hungary organized on Sunday a solidarity activity in front of the Russian Embassy in the Hungarian …

  • 3 October

    Event in Paris to thank Russia for engaging in the fight against terrorism in Syria

    Paris, SANA – A number of Syrian and French and other foreign associations staged an event in front of the Russian Embassy in the French capital Paris on Friday to …

September, 2015

  • 28 September

    Syrian community in Russia reiterates support to army

    Moscow, SANA – Syrian community in Russia stressed their support to the Syrian army in the fierce battle against terrorism, highlighting that war will not dissuade them from their adherence …

  • 28 September

    Italian “SOLID” organizes a conference on the terrorist war against Syria

    Rome, SANA- The Italian “SOLID”, a non-profit organization, in cooperation with the Syrian community in Italy, organized an International Conference on the terrorist war waged on Syria. A number of …

  • 20 September

    Syrian community in France grants ambulance to Lattakia governorate

    Lattakia, SANA- An ambulance was granted on Sunday by the Gathering of Expatriates for Syria in France to Lattakia Governorate as a token of their loyalty to the homeland and …