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Terrorist groups target Mhardeh power plant, material damage caused

Hama, SANA_ Terrorist groups on Saturday targeted with two shells Mhardeh power plant in Hama northern countryside, causing substantial material damage.  

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Explosion in plant used by terrorists containing chemicals in Idleb countryside

Idleb, SANA – A large explosion took place last night inside a plant in Idleb countryside used by terrorists to manufacture chemicals under the supervision of foreign experts, some of …

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Army finds for plant used by terrorists to manufacture toxic chemicals in al-Shefounieh town

Damascus Countryside, SANA – While canvassing al-Shefounieh town in Eastern Ghouta on Tuesday, a Syrian Arab Army unit uncovered in a plant that terrorists had used for manufacturing toxic chemicals …

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Terrorist groups target Mharda power plant with two rocket shells

Hama, SANA- Terrorist groups targeted Mharda power plant in Hama countryside with two rocket shells. SANA reporter said that armed terrorist organizations on Wednesday evening fired two rocket shells on …

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Armed Groups target Umayyad Square surroundings with rocket shell causing eruption of fire in power plant

Damascus, SANA- A rocket shell fired by the armed groups positioned in the Eastern Ghouta fell on the surroundings of the Umayyad Square, causing the eruption of fire at the …

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First solar power plant inaugurated in Damascus Countryside

Damascus Countryside, SANA – The first solar power plant in Syria, which has a capacity of 1.26 megawatts, was inaugurated on Monday in al-Kisweh area in Damascus Countryside, at an …

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