President al-Assad: We are able to develop, expand and rehabilitate what has been destroyed by terrorism

Homs, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad visited on Thursday the Southern Central Region Gas Plant and shared the workers and technicians in launching the first phase of running the turbo-compressors which have been recently installed in the plant.

The installation of the turbochargers aimed at increasing the production with about 500,000 cubic meters of gas per a day which will lead to increase the production of the electric power plants and the quantity of the produced home gas.

Accompanied by Prime Minister and Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, President al-Assad was briefed, by the Head of the Syrian Gas Company and the Director of the Plant, on the function of the turbochargers in increasing the production and its impact on the reality of energy in Syria.

President al-Assad appreciated, in his speech with the workers and technicians, their efforts exerted in accomplishment of this national work and their role in preserving and protecting this vital facilities during the years of the war.

President al-Assad said “congratulations for this achievement, congratulations to you and to all of us as Syrians.”

“When we launched this project in 2009, it was considered a pivotal and important one for the country at that time… the country was prosperous and all sectors were running forwards in a normal way, but during the terrorist war, this project has become more important for us, for the country because of the blockade,” the President said.

President al-Assad added that today, because of the war in Ukraine, the war between Russia and the western states through the Ukrainian agent, this project, and many similar ones, become priceless.

 “Today the whole world is in front of a big problem in the energy sector, but despite all these problems, we are expanding in new projects, not only mending what has been destroyed, but to add new parts to this plant, and this thing makes us ready to develop our gas production,” President al-Assad said.

 “In the coming months, and maybe during one year, our situation in the energy field will be better, and this will be reflected on the citizen, services and economy despite all difficulties and problems… we are rehabilitating what has been destroyed by terrorism, and we also build additional parts on our factories and economic projects,” said President al-Assad.

“The work -you are carrying out along with your colleagues in other sites – gives a very important image about patterns of success in the public sector… the public sector has been the carrier of economy and services during war time… I am proud of all of you.”

President al-Assad inaugurated the Southern Central Region Gas Plant in 2009, but the plant has been attacked by terrorists and sabotaged during the years of the war on Syria.

Hala Zain/ Mazen Eyon

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