1500 persons have their legal status settled within reconciliation in Kanaker

Damascus Countryside, SANA – Some 1500 people from Kanaker town have had their legal status settled on Tuesday in the framework of the local reconciliations in Damascus Countryside and in accordance with the Amnesty Decree no.15 for 2016.

A number of gunmen, who had earlier turned themselves in and handed over their arms to the authorities concerned, were among those who had their status settled, SANA reporter in Kanaker town said, adding that they pledged not to take part in any act that may harm peace and security in the country.

In a statement to SANA reporter, Deputy Governor of Damascus Countryside Rateb Adass said the area will be completely free of arms and militants after all gunmen and other wanted people will have had their legal status settled.

A brigadier general in the Army and Armed Forces said an amount of light and medium weapons of various types has been handed over as part of the settlement process, citing a number of mines, sniper rifles, launchers, anti-tank rockets, light machine guns and communication devices.

Chairman of the local reconciliation committee in Kanaker town Bahjat Hafez said 2000 people will have their legal status settled.

On December 5th, 700 persons from al-Tibeh, al-Keswa, and al-Mqeilibeh towns in Damascus Countryside had their legal status settled according to the Amnesty Decree.

R.J/Ghossoun/H. Said

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