Syria participates in Embassies Festival in Bucharest

Bucharest, SANA – The cultural Embassies Festival in Bucharest, organized by the Romanian Foreign and Culture Ministries and ESCU Association, began its activities on Monday, with the participation of the Syrian Embassy.

Embassies Festival 2

The Syrian Embassy is participating with two booths; one at the National Theatre Bucharest, and the other at the Exposition Center ROMEXPO. The Embassy will also participate with a screening of the Syrian film “Fania wa Tatabaddad” (Mortal and Dispersing) by Najdat Anzour on Thursday at the Cinema National Museum of Romanian Peasant.

The booths contained cultural, historical, and tourism brochures and displays containing wood carvings, mosaics, handicrafts, textiles, traditional folk attire, brassware, musical instruments, paintings, and photos of archeological, historical, cultural, and tourist sites in Syria, and the Syrian community in Romania had a notable presence at the festival.

Chairman of National Theatre Bucharest Ion Caramitru said he was glad to visit the Syrian booth which shows the Embassy’s commitment to showcasing Syria’s culture and civilization, adding that he feels very close to Syria due to relations his ancestors shared with the East.

In turn, ESCU Association President Sarmizia Fetcu said that the festival is very important in terms of having different cultures meet and to strengthen friendship and peace in the world, adding that she wishes to send a message of peace and love to the Syrians that can be summed up by the need to preserve the Syrian culture and civilization.

The Festival will remain open until September 4th.

Hazem Sabbagh

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