Agriculture Minister highlights role of FAO in supporting agricultural sector in Syria

Damascus, SANA- Minister of Agriculture Eng. Ahmad al-Qadiri stressed the importance of enhancing work between the ministry and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), evaluating what has been achieved and outlining a future vision for the next stage.

During a meeting held on Thursday at the ministry with the representative of FAO in Syria Eriko Hibi, al-Qadiri pointed out what was provided by FAO to the agricultural sector in Syria including productivity donations and field activities which will contribute to reconstruction for improving the agriculture sector through self-sufficiency, supporting food security and agricultural centers which provide services to help farmers.

In turn, Hibi pointed out efforts exerted by the ministry to deliver productivity donations to all Syrian areas and to overcome all difficulties that hinder work, adding that FAO was among the first donors to support the agricultural sector and give it priority and was able to convince other donors that supporting agriculture will have an impact at the long term more than relief aid.

Hibi said that the FAO developed a strategy to support livelihoods in Syria and continued work to reach all farmers.

On the sidelines of the 33th session of FAO Conference in Rome in May, Al-Qadiri discussed with the Director-General of FAO Graziano da Silva the agricultural sector’s needs in Syria, particularly in supporting strategic crops and vegetable production to ensure food security in it.

Qabas/ Manal

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