Petroleum Ministry: Gas line feeding al-Nasseriye power station reopened

Damascus, SANA – A source at the Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ministry said that repair crews repaired on Saturday evening the gas line valve that terrorists had vandalized earlier today on the line leading to al-Nasseriye power station.

The source asserted that the valve has been reopened and gas is once more flowing to the station which resumed operations after shutting down in the afternoon.

A source at the Ministry of Electricity said earlier today that armed terrorist organizations shut down the valve of the gas line that feeds the power stations in Jeiroud area in Damascus Countryside which supplies the power plants in the southern region with the gas required to operate them.

The source said in a statement to SANA that the closure of the gas line drove the generating turbines and about 300 megawatt in al-Naseriyeh station get out of service. As a result, the rationing hours of electricity will increase in most provinces.

In mid-June, a terrorist attack targeted the gas line and drove the turbines of the power plants in the southern region out of work.

Terrorist organizations target gas lines that feed the power plants, oil pumping stations, gas plants and power plants in an attempt to put pressure on citizens and undermine their steadfastness in confronting terrorism and its supporters.

Qabas/ Manal / Hazem Sabbagh

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