Haidar: Success of reconciliation requires contribution of all Syrians

Damascus, SANA – State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar reiterated that the only way to resolve the crisis in Syria is through a political solution in which local reconciliations play an integral part in parallel with fighting terrorism.

Meeting Ambassador of Sudan in Damascus Khaled Ahmad Mohammad Ali on Monday, Haidar said the success of reconciliation requires the participation of all Syrians including the internal opposition that is willing to participate.

He said that the reconciliation project faced an attempt to derail it by the states that support terrorist groups like the United States, as these states urged gunmen to refrain from abandoning their arms and to not become involved in political efforts.

Haidar informed the Ambassador of the State Ministry’s activities during the past four years, and the two sides discussed the mechanisms of reconciliations, the areas they cover, and the issues they address.

For his part, Mohammad Ali stressed the need to preserve Syria’s unity and to prevent interference in its internal affairs, and that the only solution for the crisis is through dialogue conducted directly between Syrians.

Hazem Sabbagh

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