Syria and South Africa affirm solid friendly relations on the latter’s National Day-VIDEO

Damascus, SANA – The Embassy of South Africa in Damascus held Thursday a reception marking the country’s National Day, celebrated on May 27 to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of Freedom Day.

Ambassador Shaun Benfeldt stressed that his country has solid friendly relations with Syria, saying that thanks to the friendship of Syria and other countries, the people of South Africa have been able to rise after suffering a history of apartheid.

He noted that there is work going on to further strengthen the Syrian-South African relations, expressing his confidence that Syria will come out of the crisis and succeed to be more prosperous than it was before.

Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Humam al-Jazaeri, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad, Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthain Shaaban, members of the People’s Assembly and representatives of diplomatic missions and Palestinian factions attended the reception.

Speaking to reporters, Shaaban affirmed that relations between Syria and South Africa have not been broken off as both countries maintained ties throughout the period of the ongoing crisis.

Having suffered from racial discrimination, South Africa understands Syria’s position against terrorism and injustice.
The stress on what Syria and South Africa have in common was echoed by Mikdad, who referred to ongoing efforts to enhance bilateral relations to the best interest of the two countries’ peoples.

He made a particular reference to student exchange programs established between universities in both countries.

The Deputy Foreign Minister appreciated the stance of the South African Foreign Ministry and its condemnation of the recent terrorist bombings that rocked the two coastal cities of Jableh and Tartous.

H. Said

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