A French parliamentary delegation visits Old Damascus-VIDEO

Damascus, SANA- Members of the French parliamentary delegation which is currently visiting Syria expressed support and solidarity with the Syrian people and stressed the importance of the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in the war against terrorism.

In a statement to SANA during the visit of the delegation to the Umayyad Mosque, old markets in Damascus and al-Noufara cafe upon an invitation by the Ministry of Tourism, the delegation members said they are visiting Syria in order to show the French people the reality of events in it, noting that the French have a great desire to re-establish relations with Syria.

They considered the victories achieved by the Syrian army in Palmyra a great achievement, saying that it is important to restore the city of Palmyra which represents a global cultural and humanitarian heritage and an important symbol in Syria which proved that it can fight ISIS terrorists despite all the support it has got.

The members said that Syria offers a typical image of the national solidarity among the Syrian people.

For her part, Hala Shawi, head of Karmeh Association said that the invitation of the French delegation was extended by the association to show them the reality of what is happening in Syria, noting that the delegation includes a number of parliamentarians, intellectuals and university professors.

Shawi added that the program of the visit was varied since they visited scientific and cultural establishments, historical and religious places and participated in the Syrian people’s celebrations of Easter Day.

The French delegation arrived in Damascus on Friday and visited Hananiya Church in Bab Touma neighborhood in Damascus.

Qabas/ Manal

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