Ministry of Labor discusses with ILO joint cooperation

Damascus, SANA- Labor Minister Dr. Khalaf al-Abdullah discussed with Frank Hagman, regional VP for Arab states in the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Beirut the new challenges posed by the crisis in Syria on workers and ways of activating the joint cooperation between the ministry and the organization.

Minister Al-Abdullah stressed the need to reactivate the joint technical cooperation programs with the organization in topics related to supporting the program of the social security, combating child labor, providing decent jobs for workers through programs of emergency employment and developing the labor market.

The Minister pointed out the negative effects of the crisis in Syria on the work and workers and the challenges, requirements and needs arising during it, affirming the importance of making more efforts to overcome the obstacles and to develop the general framework of a future cooperation plan between the ministry, local partners and the organization.

In turn, Hagman expressed readiness of the organization to reactivate a number of joint programs with the Ministry of Labor and creating favorable conditions for the return of the workers affected by the crisis to their works.

Syria joined the ILO in 1947. Between 2008 and 2011, the organization carried out a number of programs with the Ministry of Labour, including the National Program for decent work in Syria.

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