9 civilians killed, tens injured in terrorist mortar attacks on Damascus and its countryside

Damascus/Aleppo, SANA,-Nine civilians were killed Wednesday in terrorist mortar attacks on residential neighborhoods in Damascus and its countryside.

A source at the Interior Ministry told SANA that 9 civilians were killed and 36 others were injured in the attacks.

Earlier on Wednesday, the source said that terrorists based in Eastern Ghouta fired mortar shells at residential neighborhoods in Damascus, which resulted in killing eight people, injuring 25, and causing material damage to properties.

Four other civilians were injured by a mortar round fired by terrorists positioned in Daraya town in Damascus Countryside which fell in the northern part of al-Moadamiya town.

Jaish al-Islam terrorists target residential and safe neighborhoods of Damascus with mortar and rocket shells every now and then in a desperate attempt to undermine Syrians’ steadfastness and support to the Syrian Arab Army in war against Takfiri Terrorism.

In Aleppo city, 4 citizens were injured due to a terrorist rocket attack on al-Neel Street.

A source at Aleppo Police Command told SANA that terrorists positioned in Bani Zaid neighborhood fired a number of rocket shells on the residential neighborhood, injuring 4 civilians and causing material damage to private and public properties.

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