“Jaish al-Islam” terrorists in al-Dmair continue to hand over weapons prior to leaving for Jarablos

Damascus Countryside, SANA – “Jaish al-Islam” terrorists in al-Dmair town in al-Qalamoun area in Damascus Countryside on Wednesday continued to hand over their heavy and medium weapons as part of the agreement reached with the Syrian state.

The agreement, which was reached on Tuesday, stipulates for the terrorists to leave the town to Jarablos and resolving the status of those who wish to remain, after handing over their weapons.

An officer in the Syrian Arab army told SANA that the terrorists handed over 6 machinegun-equipped vehicles, two 32mm machineguns, two anti –craft missiles, two 14.5 machineguns, some individual and light weapons including rifles, PKC machineguns, FAL sniper rifles, medium pieces such as Dushka installed on ground positions, RPGs launchers, 82 and 60 mortar launchers, as well as various communication devices.

SANA’s correspondent said that the number of terrorists that will leave al-Dmair is around 1,500 and their families, making the total number around 5000.

The correspondent added that Syrian Arab Army units will enter the town after the terrorists leave to demine it.

The agreement came four days after the evacuation of the last batch of Jaish al-Islam terrorists from Douma city to Jarablos. The Internal Security Forces entered the city to enhance security and stability inside the city.



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