Role of the youth in defending homeland against terrorism affirmed

Damascus, SANA- The role of the youth in shouldering their responsibilities towards their homeland and in supporting their army, which has achieved glorious victories against terrorism was reiterated in a Symposium held at the Political-Military Academy in Damascus Sunday.

Director of the Academy Gen. Fawaz Mustafa said the reason behind the war waged against Syria is its stances in supporting the national resistance in Palestine and Lebanon and in backing the pan-Arab issues.


Gen. Mustafa added that the misleading war against Syria aimed at destabilizing the country and undermining its security through using false and fabrication means.

He hailed the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism across the country.


Sheikh Ma’moun Rahma Imam of the Umayyad Mosque, said the Arab and Islamic Nations are facing a real war, calling upon the Syrian youth to support the Syrian Arab army in facing terrorism.

For his part, Father Gabriel Dawood, from the Syriac Orthodox patriarchate said the Syrian Arab army is still offering sacrifices in defending the homeland, calling for supporting and backing it for defending our homeland.

H. Zain/ Barry

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