Syrians alone determine their future, National Dialogue follow-up Committee says

Moscow, SANA – A delegation of the “Syrian National Dialogue follow-up Committee”, which is affiliated to the Moscow 2 meeting, stressed their rejection of any proposal to solve the crisis in Syria without the participation of all representatives of the Syrian community and internal political forces.

They highlighted that the political process to solve the crisis is crucial and necessary but the Syrians alone are the side that is eligible to determine the future of their country and government.

They denounced the terrorist attack in Paris, adding that Syria has repeatedly warned that supporting terrorism will backfire on the funding countries.

They also underlined that the so-called “free army” is a hybrid of more than 22 fluctuating groups that has no genuine popular incubation on ground, adding that a number of countries are trying to market these groups for political purposes.

They voiced their support to the Russian military operations in Syria as the operations are in accordance with the international laws and upon a formal request of the Syrian government.

M. Nassr

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