Premier al-Halaqi: Health and pharmaceutical security a strategic goal for the government

Damascus, SANA- Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halaqi said on Wednesday that achieving health and pharmaceutical security is a strategic goal for the government for offering the best medical services to citizens, stressing that health insurance is a national and strategic project that the government won’t abandon but will seek to develop.

Chairing a meeting to discuss the health insurance, Premier al-Halaqi said that health insurance file is held in the government’s high regard due to the medical services it offers for large numbers of citizens.

“The health insurance sector is a priority which has far-reaching political, economic and social dimensions,” he added.

Al-Halaqi reviewed during the meeting the challenges that face the sector due to the terrorist war waged on Syria.

“We the government, syndicates, popular organizations and insurance companies should outline clear policies for this project to offer the best services to all citizens.” Al-halaqi added.

Participants in the meeting also approved the establishment of the Health Insurance Council headed by Minister of Finance Ismael Ismael that aims to surmount difficulties and find suitable mechanisms for coordination among partners.

The ministers of Health and Finance presented a review of the health insurance file and discussed challenges and problems related to it.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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