Patriarch Younan: Outstretched hand of Syrian government for reconciliation is an opportunity to be invested

Tartous, SANA- Syriac Catholic Patriarch of Antioch, Mar Ignatius Joseph III Younan said on Tuesday that the outstretched hand of Syrian government is an opportunity for reconciliation has to be invested for moving forward and not to look back or mark in time.

During his meeting with Tartous governor Safwan Abu Saada , Younan pointed out the necessity of awareness in this stage, particularly in confronting biased media which mislead the truth of terrorist acts in Syria.

He noted that his visit to Tartous is for checking conditions of the new comers of displaced people from other areas to the governorate, particularly in Mashta al-Hillo and supporting them in addition to assuring that they will return back to their villages that they were forced to leave.

“Syriac Catholic sect is targeted as all Syrian people in this war” Younan added.

For his part, Abu Saada affirmed that Syrian people are always able to advance and express their belief in national unity and that every inch of destroyed Syrian lands by armed terrorist groups will return as it was and that reconstruction plans are continuing to erase the effects of war in Syria.

The governor said Tartous province embodoes national spirit as it is hosting hundreds of thousands from other Syrian provinces, as yet its population exceeded two million till now, and the goveronrate is shouldering large pressure on its infrastructure for the sake of supporting the steadfastness of Syrian people in combating terrorism.

Last March, Patriarch Younan visited Tartous and affirmed then that the duty of Syrians, regardless of their backgrounds, is to defend their country and protect the co-existence in light of the criminal exercises committed by takfiri organizations against them.
Manar/ Haifa

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