Interior Minister: The state is committed to protecting all Syrians from terrorism

Sweida, SANA – Interior Minister Gen. Mohammad al-Shaar on Sunday met religious figures, clan elders, and popular figures from Sweida province on Sunday, including senior Sheikh al-Akel (spiritual leaders of the Druze sect), and Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Bosra, Houran, and Jabal al-Arab, Saba Esper.

During the meeting, al-Shaar asserted that the state is committed to protecting and defending all Syrians from terrorism and to preserving security, stability, and national unity, asserting that the Syrian leadership never has and never will abandon its responsibilities towards Sweida province and its people.

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He stressed the need to confront the exclusionist Takfiri mentality which seeks to fragment Syria and make it easy prey for its enemies, primarily Israel, noting that Syria’s state, people, army, and leadership remained steadfast despite the massive scale of the war and the conspiracies targeting it.

Al-Shaar all Syrians must respect the rule of law and preserve public safety, warning against propaganda campaigns and malicious rumors that seek to undermine Syria’s social fabric and the stability of Sweida province.

For his part, spiritual leader of the Druze sect, Sheikh Hekmat al-Hajri, said that Sweida is an integral part of Syria and is committed to its historical positions regarding the country and its stability and regarding confronting terrorism in all its form.

In turn, a number of the Sheikh al-Akel who attended the meeting asserted that the people of Sweida are committed to their historical heritage of confronting threats against Syria, stressing the need for unity and calling on those who strayed from the right path to return to their senses.

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For his part, Archbishop Esper emphasized the need to preserve and strengthen national unity, while the elders of the al-Shanableh and al-Jawabra clans said that all the people of Sweida stand as one against those who seek to sow strife and division, affirming commitment to preserving the Syrian state with its establishments and respecting the law.

During his visit to Sweida, Minister al-Shaar also met officers from the province’s Police Command, stressing to them the importance of discipline in terms of professional conduct, personal conduct, and morals.

The Minister said that all terrorist acts must be dealt with, and that all crimes and negative phenomena spawned by the crisis must also be curbed to ensure the safety of civilians.

Al-Shaar also met the Security Committee in the province, lauding the Committee’s efforts in confronting terrorists and stressing the need for coordination among the army, the police, and all security forces.

Hazem Sabbagh

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