Syria at IPU calls for encountering terrorism threatening women all over the world

Hanoi, SANA-Head of the Arab and Foreign Affairs Committee in People’s Assembly Fadia Deeb called on the parliaments all over the world for encountering terrorism phenomenon which threats women, alleviating the suffering of the Syrian and Iraqi women, and putting an end to the ordeals exposed to daily by the armed terrorist organizations.

” Syrian women have achieved success in all domains of life and shared men in taking over political, economic and social missions for decades, but today they are exposed to violations and crimes at the hands of terrorist organizations which are backed financially and militarily by Arab, regional and western countries”, Deeb said Saturday during her participation in the 21st meeting for parliamentary women held on the sideline of the 132nd session of Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

Deeb noted that the terrorist war launched against Syria for 4 years affected women life negatively especially in the areas controlled by Takfiri terrorist organizations where girls are prevented from working and studying.

She called upon parliamentarians to disclose violations against Syrian women in refugee camps in Turkey and Jordan, asserting that the Syrian women offer the brightest image of sacrifice for defending their country and the terrorists’ crimes will not dissuade them from practicing their role in life and building the homeland.

Meetings of the 132nd Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) opened Saturday in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi, with the participation of Syria.


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