Activity by Syrian community in Pennsylvania to bring expatriates closer

Allentown, SANA – Members of the Syrian community in the United States organized recently in Allentown, Pennsylvania a four-day event to bring Syrian expatriates closer together and support their homeland.

Ghiath Moussa from the Syrian-American Forum told SANA that this activity included debates with U.S. official and American anti-war organizations, focusing on clarifying the truth about what is happening in Syria and make the public opinion aware of it so that it can pressure the U.S. administration to stop supporting terrorists in Syria.

Moussa said the event also including exhibitions featuring Syrian products and handicrafts, as well as Syrian cuisine, with the proceeds going to humanitarian aid campaigns for Syria.

The event was concluded with a seminar in which Syria’s Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban participated via Skype, briefing the participants on recent developments on the ground in Syria, stressing the important role of expatriates in supporting Syria and helping in the reconstruction stage, in addition to underlining the effects of the unjust economic embargo imposed on Syria.

Hazem Sabbagh

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