Information Minister: Brahimi was deceptive and a liar who helped escalate the crisis

Damascus, SANA – Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said that the former UN Envoy on Syria Lakdar Brahmi was deceptive and a liar who helped escalate the crisis and is complicit in shedding Syrian blood.

In a statement given via telephone to the Syrian TV on Friday, al-Zoubi said that the Syrian government was aware that Brahimi was practicing political deception ever since he was appointed as envoy, and that his role was based on deception and he implemented the instructions of his masters in the U.S. and the Arab Gulf.

The Minister said that Brahimi’s statements which were published in a Saudi newspaper reveal belatedly his true nature and character and show the nature of his role in shedding Syrian blood when he was attempting to deceive the Syrian government and lying outright in international circles and to international media.

Al-Zoubi asserted that Brahimi bears primary responsibility for the failure of his mission.

As for the statements made by Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal, the Minister said that al-Faisal doesn’t speak for himself or even for his government; rather he speaks after the U.S. inspires or signals or even prods him, dismissing his statements as having nothing new to add to the shameful and disgraceful things he already said in the past.

Al-Zoubi stressed that there is events and documents proving that the Saudi monarchy is involved up to its neck in what is happening in Syria and in shedding Syrian blood.

He said that Brahimi and al-Faisal are now realizing that the conditions are changing now due to the resilience of the Syrian people and the Syrian Arab Army and due to the Syrian leadership’s diligent efforts to find a political solution, which caused Brahmi and al-Faisal to trip over their own words and statements.

“Anyone who thinks that the decision can be made anywhere other than Damascus is delusional,” the Minister asserted.

Hazem Sabbagh

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