Indonesian Ambassador stresses his country’s will to further support Syria economically and politically

Damascus, SANA – Primer Wael al-Halaqi discussed on Sunday with Indonesian Ambassador in Damascus Joko Harianto ways to activate cooperation between Syria and Indonesia in economic, trade, technical, cultural and agricultural sectors.

Both sides also discussed establishing new Indonesian industries in Syria, in addition to cooperation in combating crimes and terrorism.

Al-Halaqi affirmed the government’s interest to develop Syrian-Indonesian relations, opening new channels for bilateral work through activating commercial exchange and establishing joint development and service projects.

He pointed out that the economic war waged against Syria and the unjust blockade imposed on make it necessary that the state activate communication with friendly countries to secure the Syrians’ needs and requirements.

The prime Minister expressed his appreciation to the Indonesian political stances in support of the Syrian leadership and people at international forums.

For his part, Harianto expressed Indonesia’s position on Syria’s side in combating terrorism and its will to strengthen economic and development relations between both countries.

“Syria is a sovereignty state and no state has the right to interfere in its internal affairs or disrupt its security and stability,” the Ambassador said, adding that Indonesia condemns terrorism in all its forms.

Al-Zoubi says Indonesian media can play significant role in exposing terrorists’ crimes in Syria

Information Minister-Indonesian Ambassador

In a separate meeting, Indonesian Ambassador also met with Minister of Information Omran Zoubi at the Ministry’s building.

The Minister pointed out to the important role that Indonesian media could take to lay bare the truth about the horrible crimes committed by terrorists in Syria and the entire region, inviting Indonesian journalists and media outlets to visit Syria and have a firsthand experience of the situation in it.

Culture minister: Events proved involvement of some states in Syrian antiquities’ smuggling and sales

Culture Minister Issam Khalil, who met the Indonesian ambassador, said that events proved the involvement of states and governments in facilitating Syrian antiquities’ smuggling and sales, particularly Erdogan’s government in Turkey.

During the meeting, Khalil added that the Turkish government and terrorism are cast in the same ideological mindset that stands in stark contrast with the essence of Islam.

He revealed that the ministry has corroborated information that London had recently hosted an auction in which antiquities transported outside Syria were put for sale with full knowledge of British government.

The minister said the British government knew quite well that the proceeds of the auction will go to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other terrorist organizations. “This translates into more killings and slayings in Syria and the region,” he added.

The ministry had welcomed the United Nations Security Council resolution 2199 about the inadmissibility of selling Syrian smuggled antiquities, indicating that its implementation requires governments’ cooperation to combat this phenomenon and help Syrian institutions retrieve stolen artifacts, he said.

Meanwhile, Khalil called for boosting bilateral relations between Syria and Indonesia and enforcing signed agreements.

For his part, the Indonesian Ambassador underlined deep relations between Syria and Indonesia, expressing sorrow over the losses that have befallen Syrian antiquities.

Manar al-Frieh/Haifa Said/Manal Ismael/ Barry

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