China selects Syrian researcher, Rashad AlKasir among 25 distinguished foreign experts

Beijing, SANA- State Council of the People’s Republic of China chose the Syrian researcher Rashad AlKasir, specializing in microbiology and immunology, among 25 distinguished foreign experts in various specializations at the state level, as part of preparations for Spring Festival celebrations in China.

AlKasir participated in the 2023 Spring Festival Symposium for Foreign Experts , which was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, in the presence of the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Higher Education, the Minister of Science and Technology, and a number of state officials and the Chinese Communist Party.

Speaking to SANA reporter, AlKasir said that the Chinese government asked all the scientific researches centers and the major universities in China to select those with foreign expertise who have contributions through their years of presence in China, noting that he was chosen among 100 specialized in microbiology.

“This participation has a deep on me and it is a source of pride and happiness to be influential in the country that has embraced me for more than 15 years,” he added.

Syrians are known for their steadfastness and ability to develop and leave an imprint wherever they are, al-Qaaeer noted.

Shaza Qreima

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