Terrorist organizations acknowledge death of three leaders in Eastern Ghouta

Damascus Countryside, SANA – Three leaders within the so-called “Jaysh al-Islam” and “Ajnad al-Sham” terrorist organizations were killed in Joubar neighborhood and Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside.

Terrorist organizations’ social media pages circulated news of the death of Abo Zaid Qannas (Arabic for sniper), who was identified as the military leader of “Al -Itihad al-Islami” group within Ajnad al-Sham.

The group has been one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations active in Eastern Ghouta that claimed responsibility for shelling attacks on Damascus. It emerged into existence in late 2013 after it had taken in a number of so-called “brigades” and battalions”.

The pages said Abo Zaid Qannas was killed by a gunshot in the area between Hazzeh and Hamourieh towns in Eastern Ghouta.

The terrorist organizations also acknowledged the death of Qutayba Kamel, an explosives expert within Jaysh al-Islam.

Kamel, who is nicknamed Abo Abdo Tafjir (Arabic for bombing), was killed in Joubar, according to the pages.

Abo Khalil Saab, a leader in Jaysh al-Islam, was said to be also killed in Douma city.

Jaysh al-Islam, which operates chiefly in the Damascus neighborhoods of , Douma and Eastern Ghouta, targeted Damascus with scores of rocket shells on Thursday, claiming the lives of a number of civilians, including children and a woman.

Army units responded to the sources of attacks and continued operations to establish control over Joubar and subsequently expel terrorists from Eastern Ghouta.

Haifa Said

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