Syrian community in Yemen denounces latest terrorist attacks against Damascus, Aleppo and Lattakia.

Sanaa, SANA, Syrian Community Association in Yemen denounced the cowardly act of the armed terrorist organizations that targeted Damascus, Aleppo and Lattakia with mortar shells and rocket rounds.

Last Thursday, terrorists fired more than 115 rocket shells on Damascus, 6 on Lattakia and 9 on Aleppo claiming the lives of 26 people and injuring 48, including children, women, and elderly people, in addition to causing massive material damage that is currently being assessed.

“Such terrorist actions will not succeed in dissuading our people, government and army from combating terrorism all over the country, nor will they succeed in terrorizing them and paralyzing their lives after they withstood four years of terrorist war that targeted the values, principles, tolerance, and co-existence of the Syrian people.”

The statement called on the international community to cooperate and coordinate with the Syrian government to defeat terrorists in Syria and the region and put an end to their heinous crimes, expressing Syrian community’s stand with the homeland in facing the global war launched against it.

R. Al-Jazaeri/ Barry

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