Syria reiterates commitment to continue fight against terrorism, liberate its occupied territories

New York, (SANA) Syria has reaffirmed its continued efforts to liberate all of its occupied lands and to fight terrorism in parallel with its political efforts to reach a political solution based on a Syrian-Syrian dialogue, stressing that the constitution is a sovereign national affair.

Syria rejects foreign interference in the work of the Committee of Discussing Constitution

These remarks were expressed by Syria’s Permanent Representative the United Nations, Bassam Sabbagh during a Security Council session on Wednesday.

“The meetings of the sixth round of the Committee of Discussing the Constitution in Geneva last week showed the serious participation of the national delegation and its eagerness to present constitutional principles that respond to the aspirations of the Syrian people, and their rights in preserving the sovereignty, and independence and achieving security, stability and social and economic welfare,” Sabbagh said.

He called on foreign parties to refrain from interfering in the work of the Committee of Discussing the Constitution and not to try to frustrate its work by imposing timetables or prior conclusions.

Sabbagh added that the recent terrorist attack with two explosive devices that targeted a bus in Damascus constitutes clear evidence on the efforts of terrorist organizations and their foreign sponsors to prevent a political solution and to hinder the efforts of the Syrian state to regain security and stability to all of its territories.

Western approach to Syria reflects double standards and hostile attitude

The Syrian delegate regretted and denounced that some Western countries have obstructed the adoption of a press statement submitted by the Russian delegation to the Security Council to condemn this terrorist attack, noting that this Western approach reflects the double standards and hostile attitudes of those countries.

He reiterated Syria’s condemnation of the escalation of attacks by the Israeli occupation on its territories whether through bombing the southern region two days ago after the completion of the reconciliations in Daraa, or through its aerial assault from al-Tanf area which is controlled by US forces, or the assassination of struggler Midhat al-Saleh.

Syria demands to stop Israeli attacks and end the occupation of the US and Turkey

He called on the Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities to stop Israeli attacks that threaten peace and security in the region, and to compel the states which sponsor terrorism to stop their violations of international law and fully comply with the Council’s resolutions which are related to the fight against terrorism.

Syria continues its efforts to liberate its occupied lands and combat terrorism in parallel with its political efforts, and the terrorist attacks and acts will not dissuade it from continuing to work to restore security and stability and to eliminate terrorism, the Syrian Ambassador stressed.

Sabbagh again expressed Syria’s demand to put an end to the illegal presence of US and Turkish forces, and to stop their aggressive practices and their looting of the country’s economic resources and natural wealth, and to immediately and unconditionally lift the unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria.

“Improving the humanitarian situation requires supporting the efforts of the Syrian State in providing humanitarian needs and basic services for all its citizens and creating adequate conditions for the return of the displaced and refugees,” he concluded.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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