Julia Domna… an empress who represents honorable image of Syrian woman

Damascus, SANA- The Syrian Empress Julia Domna, who ascended to the throne of Rome, embodies the beauty, intelligence, competence and participation of women in building society, governing the state, commanding the army, planning battles, concluding peace agreements and international political and commercial agreements.

Julia Domna was born in the city of Homs in the period between 166-170 AD and descended from a noble family.

She is the daughter of Julius Bassianus, the high priest of the Temple of the Sun and the supervisor of worship not only in Homs but throughout the Roman Empire at that time.

In 187 AD, Julia married the Roman commander Septimius Severus, commander of the Fourth Division in the Roman army in Syria, and Julia Domna gave birth to her first son, Caracalla, in the French city of Lyon in 188 AD.

In 193 AD, Septimius Severus became Caesar of Rome, and Julia Domna was granted the title of “Mother of the Invincible Camps” / Latin “Mater Castrorum”

Julia participated in ruling Rome, she also participated in planning, advising and leading the war battles.

The year 204 was accorded prominence unprecedented for Julia Domna as Games were held and that was a rare event, held only once every 110 years which was presided over by Domna.

In the year 204 A.D., Games were held in Rome, which took place only once every 110 years, and they were presided over by Julia Domna.

In the same year, her husband, Septimius Severus, was killed and Caracalla ascended to the throne of Rome.

During his reign, Julia Domna supervised the administrative affairs of the Roman Empire and worked to revitalize the cultural, literary and artistic life in the empire.

Julia Domna died in Antioch, then her body was transferred to Rome and buried according to the form and rules of the burial of the Caesars. Many artifacts depicting Queen Julia Domna have been discovered in Syria.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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