Terrorist organizations relied on drugs to finance their crimes, Ambassador Hadad affirms

Moscow, SANA- Syria’s Ambassador to Russia, Dr. Riyad Haddad has affirmed that the armed terrorist organizations relied on drugs as an additional means to finance their crimes and terrorist practices.

During a speech at a scientific conference organized today via Zoom technology by Shoukhov State Technological University in the Russian city of Belgorod entitled “Innovative Methods of Drug Prevention at Higher Educational Institutions” Ambassador Haddad pointed out that the scourge of drugs has spread in the terrorist-controlled areas in Syria.

He pointed out that that the Syrian Arab Army found large quantities of drugs during the liberation of the areas from terrorism.

Ambassador Haddad explained that the spread of this scourge has increased with the increase in terrorist acts, as terrorist organizations promoted and smuggled narcotic substances to other areas in order to obtain funds to be used in financing and supporting terrorism and the purchase of weapons.

He stressed the need to mobilize the efforts of all local and international institutions, organizations and bodies to confront the phenomenon of increasing drug abuse and prevent its spread.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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