Sabbagh: Syria paid precious price for its adherence to Palestinian cause

Damascus, SANA- With participation of a Syrian delegation chaired by Speaker, Hammouda Sabbagh, the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union held on Wednesday a virtual meeting within its 31st emergency conference to discuss situation in the occupied al-Quds and the racial acts that the Palestinians have been exposed to at the hands of the Israeli entity.

“Syria constantly asserted its adherence to the banner of Palestine and Arabism in addition to promoting the Palestinian cause to be the first central cause,” Sabbagh said, indicating that the Syrian people and army paid precious price for this adherence and offered sacrifices during facing the most brutal forms of war throughout ages.

He clarified that the Palestinian people’s struggle in the face of one of the most racial entities in history affirms that this people adopted the resistance path to achieve their choices and rights, on top, their right to self-determination.

“People’s Assembly stands by the Palestinian side and look with pride and dignity at their great and noble sacrifices, and the Syrian and Palestinian people are one,” Sabbagh said.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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