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President al-Assad receives Zarif.. talks deal with bilateral relations and enhancing cooperation

Damascus, SANA-President Bashar al-Assad received on Wednesday Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, and an accompanying delegation.

Talks during the meeting dealt with bilateral relations between the two countries and the continuation of coordination at all levels, in addition to means of enhancing joint cooperation in various fields, particularly at the economic level in the interest of the two peoples and the two friendly countries.

The talks also tackled the developments of the political track, including Committee of Discussing Constitution, in addition to the field situation in Syria and the illegitimate US and Turkish presence which impedes the continuation of the war against terrorism and destabilizes the situation in the region.

Discussions also touched the developments of the situation in the region, the recent Israeli aggression on the Palestinian territories, and Israeli practices aimed at changing the status and situation of the occupied Palestinian lands, including Jerusalem.

Minister Zarif briefed President al-Assad on developments of the Iranian nuclear file, the details of negotiations that are taking place regarding it, and the destructive role played by some parties, which aim to obstruct progress in these negotiations.

In the same context, Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Fayssal Mikdad met Zarif, with  the two sides discussing  developments in the region and the world, expressing their satisfaction over  the ongoing dialogue between the various countries of the region and stressing the importance of cooperation and coordination at all levels and among  different countries and parties to achieve peace and stability.

The two sides also reviewed developments of the situation in occupied Palestinian territories and the serious violations committed by the Israeli occupation forces in terms of the continuing displacement of Palestinians, the assault on holy sites and the brutal bombing of homes and residential neighborhoods.

The two sides condemned those criminal practices and affirmed their support for the Palestinian people in the face of the Israeli occupation and its settlers who desecrate land wherever they go.

Minister Mikdad reiterated Syria’s full support for Iran in the ongoing talks in Vienna on the nuclear agreement, noting the competence of the Iranian side in adhering to the principles and rights of the Iranian people, leading to the return of those who violated the agreement to their obligations.

For his part, Minister Zarif renewed his country’s stance in support of Syria in all fields, especially in facing the repercussions of economic terrorism, which the Iranians, like the Syrians, and many peoples of the world are suffering from.

In a statement to reporters after the meeting, Mikdad stressed Syria’s  unlimited support for the negotiations that the Islamic Republic of Iran is holding with the other camp regarding the nuclear file and its standing by the Iranian demands, noting the need for the United States to quickly respond to these demands to reduce tension in the region and establish constructive relations between various countries and Peoples.

Foreign and Expatriate Minister reiterated Syria’s support to the struggle of the Palestinian people, pointing out that the real struggle will take place on the Palestinian arena against the Zionist entity.

In response to a question about the restoration of Syrian relations with Saudi Arabia, Mikdad said: “Syria and Iran have been working for a long time to bridge the gap among various Arab and Islamic countries and make use of all the  energies available in these two camps, and we welcome any step in this regard.”

The Iranian minister affirmed in a similar statement the importance of the presidential elections in Syria, saying “We are ready to be observers on these elections and we hope that the Syrian people would participate in them to ensure a bright and more stable future for the country”.

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