Algerian ambassador: Our relations with Syria have always been distinguished

Damascus, SANA_ Algerian Ambassador in Damascus Lahsan Tuhami underlined that the relations between Algeria and Syria have always been distinguished due to the popular cohesion backed by two large communities and the position of the Syrian people and their leadership in support and advocacy of the liberation revolution in Algeria.

In an interview with SANA on the occasion of the 66th Anniversary of the Outbreak of the Algerian Revolution November 1st, Tuhami pointed to Algeria and Syria’s keenness to strengthen the bridges of communication between them, activate consultations and to exchange visits between officials from both sides.

He emphasized the sincere and common will of both sides to reinforce bilateral relations at various levels and to look for available partnership opportunities between them.

The Diplomat explained that his country’s position towards the crisis in Syria has been clear from the beginning, as Algeria called for finding a political solution through national dialogue between the Syrians that would serve their interests and preserve Syria’s sovereignty, stability and unity.

Algeria, according to the Ambassador, has always been calling for the need to respect the international legitimacy decisions, including United Nations resolutions that reject the occupation of the Syrian Golan.

He pointed out that the cooperation between Algeria and Syria passed through several important historical stages, as several sessions of the joint committee for cooperation between the two countries were held where a number of agreements, protocols, memoranda of understanding and various programs covering many economic and cultural sectors were inked.

The Ambassador talked about his country’s adherence to the general principles of its foreign policy based on the principle of respecting the independence and sovereignty of states, non-interference in their internal affairs, the principle of resolving crises, disputes and problems by peaceful means, dialogue and reconciliation away from military solutions and foreign agendas by focusing on multilateral action and the pivotal role of the United Nations and the efforts of many regional organizations to  reach political solutions to the problems and challenges facing countries of the world.

Algeria, a gateway between Africa and Europe, became independent after more than a million and a half Algerians were killed in a 7 years fight for independence from France in a struggle that is considered as one of the greatest revolutions against colonialism during the 20th century.


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