Brazilian initiative to reconstruct a terrorism-stricken school in Aleppo

Brasilia, SANA – A number of Brazilian newspapers in the Brazilian city of Curitiba, the capital city of Parana state, announced an initiative to reconstruct a school that was destroyed by terrorists in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

The gesture embodies the Brazilian people’s solidarity with the struggle of the Syrians in the face of terrorism, according to the event’s organizers.


Joseh Jill, Editor-in-Chief of Green Water Newspaper (El Agua Verde), said during a celebration organized by the Syrian community in Curitiba that “Solidarity and amity bring reconstruction to Syria as terrorism has brought destruction.”

He added that a group of Curitiba city locals might head to Syria in the coming months as to participate in the reconstruction work.

Meanwhile, Syria’s Ambassador in Brazil Dr. Ghassan al-Nusair, extended thanks to the initiative organizers, adding that the Brazilians can also support Syria in many other ways, including by conveying the reality of the events there.


He added that major western media outlets have circulated false reports on Syria with the aim of justifying the terrorist war waged against the country since 2011, highlighting that the takfiri terrorists, who are supported by the US, France, UK, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the Zionist entity, have destroyed more than 2000 schools and over 400 hospitals in Syria.

“The Syrians will overcome the crisis and will rebuild all what has been destroyed,” he concluded.

Mohammad Nassr/Haifa Said

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